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More Defections in Libyan Government


Even as Qaddafi’s military campaign has made some important gains, his government seems to be collapsing from within. From the Times:

…in another sign that the cracks in the Libyan government may be widening, a second top Libyan official, Ali Abdussalam el-Treki, defected Thursday to Egypt. In decades of service, Mr. Treki had served as both foreign minister and United Nations representative.

The capital of Tripoli was alive with rumored defections on Thursday, with the prime minister, speaker of Parliament and oil minister, among other top figures, said at various times to be quitting the country. None of those reports could be verified.

Other than Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s sons, the only other official as close to the Libyan leader as Mr. Koussa is Adbdullah Senussi, his brother-in-law and a top security adviser. Like the Qaddafi family, his whereabouts were unknown Thursday, but there were no credible reports that he had fled.

Mr. Koussa was a confidant of Colonel Qaddafi and was considered a pillar of the Qaddafi government since the early days of the 1969 revolution. He has been listed by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court among those who “commanded and had control” over Libyan security forces suspected of “crimes against humanity.”


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