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The Revolution Will Be Google-Mapped?

In case you missed his column last week, Tom Friedman thinks that the uprisings in the Middle East were in part triggered because people looked at Google Earth and saw how unfairly land was distributed. Well, I’ve really got to hand it to him on this point. At first I thought this argument seemed a little random and forced, but then I remembered how I felt looking at Friedman’s giant mansion on Google Earth right after I read one of his columns about how we all need strict limits put on our carbon footprint — so who knows?

I guess Friedman’s insight here is to say that this all started because of how hot, flat, and crowded it was. Despite the fact that his domicile is decidedly cool, multi-leveled, and roomy, he may be right after all.

Nat Brown — Nat Brown is a former deputy managing editor of National Review Online.

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