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In Yemen, Saleh Nears Deal to Resign

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh and that country’s top general, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, are nearing a deal that would see the resignation of both men and transfer of power to a transitional government.

The people familiar with the negotiations said Thursday that Mr. Saleh and Gen. Ahmar are intent on preventing bloodshed and preserving stability in the Arabian Peninsula nation. Aides to both men said that while they both understand that Mr. Saleh’s continued rule is untenable, they have agreed that the timing of his resignation can’t happen until they have worked out the details of a transitional governing council that would take his place. They hope to have a detailed plan ready by Saturday, the people said.

“Both sides have agreed on the main points of departure, and Saturday is expected to be the day that Saleh and General Ahmar both step down,” according to a senior official familiar with the negotiations.

Saleh has reportedly told Al-Jazeera just now that ‘power will be transferred peacefully.’

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