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How to Be ‘Smaht’

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I am, as they say in Boston, “wicked smaht,” and I owe it all to National Review.

As a radio talk-show host, I have to sound as if I know and understand everything happening in America’s political and civic life and have some pithy observation upon the subject. In reality, I can barely tell a CR from a DH (one bats from the left side of the plate, right?) and spent weeks thinking the “Ryan Plan” was the sequel to The Sum Of All Fears.

But I’ve got National Review Online! NRO gives me the facts, reporting, and analysis I need to fake my way through my job every day. Hey — you only have to be the smartest guy around the water cooler (where, let’s face it, most of your co-workers are talking about Kirstie Alley). I have to be one of the “smartest” people in Harvard’s backyard!

National Review never fails. There are plenty of places to get your news, but who else helps you understand the issues, apply conservative values, and hone your arguments like NRO?

And if I donated just one dollar for every hilarious line I’ve stolen from Jonah Goldberg, I’d be donating almost enough money to buy KJL a Starbucks.

Seriously, those of us who live and work in America’s liberal enclaves rely on NRO to keep us sane. Please join me in supporting NRO by making a donation today.

Because if you don’t, I’m giving your e-mail address to Moveon.org tomorrow.

You’ve been warned.

— Michael Graham is author of That’s No Angry Mob, That’s My Mom.

Michael GrahamMichael Graham was born in Los Angeles and raised in South Carolina. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, he worked as a stand-up comedian before beginning his political career as ...


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