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No End to Violence in Yemen

Even as the United States tries to usher Saleh out, his forces are still open firing on protesters who come too close to the presidential palace:

Security forces and plainclothes government supporters opened fire Monday on tens of thousands of protesters from rooftops, according to witnesses, as violent clashes spread for a second day through the central city of Taiz. At least 10 people were killed, according to the official Saba news agency; a doctor at a local hospital said 12 had died and 50 more were wounded in the gunfire.

The violence in Taiz, where tens of thousands have staged a sit-in for more than six weeks, was the deadliest yet seen there and came amid signs that the United States had concluded that President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a longtime ally, must be eased out of office. Protesters have demanded he step down immediately.


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