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Bush Crowd, Christie Pushing Daniels to Run

From CBS News:

Reflecting what many observers see as weak Republican field, the pressure on Daniels to run has been intense. He has been assured backing from big-money donors who supported George W. Bush, in addition to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, as well as top sitting Republican governors.

Sources tell CBS News popular New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has told Daniels he would back him, as would Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

And as a sign of how important his wife is to the decision, sources tell CBS News that even former First Lady Laura Bush has called Cheri Daniels personally to encourage her to support the effort and offer advice on how to define what her role on the campaign–and potentially in the White House–would be.

Daniels, who served as OMB director in the Bush administration, told college students at a bar last night that his hypothetical veep choice would be Condoleezza Rice.

UPDATE: Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella responded to the report today by saying that Christie “hasn’t even made a decision as to whether or not he is going to endorse, let alone whom.”

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