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Did Huntsman Flip Flop on Ryan Plan?

On Good Morning America today, Jon Hunstman said that he “would’ve voted for” Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, including the Medicare provision.

The New Hampshire Democratic party then blasted Huntsman for “flip-flopping on the Ryan budget,” citing a Boston Globe piece that reported yesterday that Huntsman “when pressed …  didn’t endorse Ryan’s proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher system, but said ‘that is something like (what) we set up in Utah, where you’ve got a multiplicity of insurance options.’”

Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller tells National Review Online that “there is no story here.”

“He would support Paul Ryan’s budget plan,” Miller said of Huntsman. “He said so yesterday and today.”

Huntsman’s office did not immediately respond to a follow-up question asking if the Huntsman camp would request a correction from the Boston Globe.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party also pointed out that Huntsman’s Good Morning America comment that he would repeal Obamacare if he had the opportunity to do so seemed a different view than the one he held in 2009, when Huntsman indicated to the Obama administration that he supported Obamacare, according to White House official who talked to Politico this year.

UPDATE: Here’s the relevant passage from the Politico story, for what it’s worth:

With Huntsman, there is a sharper edge, and a more clear sense of anger, toward the former Utah governor for flirting with a presidential run before even leaving Beijing.

“Even when he came back here for the state dinner, he said, ‘I don’t know where all this is coming from, this is way overblown,’ ” recalled Axelrod.

And, said a top Obama adviser, when the president visited China in 2009 Huntsman “could not have been more supportive.”

“He indicated that he appreciated what the president was trying to do on health care,” said the official.

CORRECTION: I wrote “White House officials” in the original. Re-reading the Politico story, it appears only one White House official was quoted.

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