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Is Huckabee Jumping in?

Mike Huckabee told listeners during his radio show today to “be sure to catch my Fox News television show,” saying that a “very important announcement” would occur Saturday, according to ABC News.

Huckabee didn’t offer any further details, so it’s not clear if the announcement will relate to his plans about 2012, or will focus on an educational company that he just launched yesterday that will initially sell a history-oriented video series about kids time traveling.

UPDATE: From the New York Times:

Hogan Gidley, the director of Mr. Huckabee’s political action committee, HuckPAC, also played a bit coy on Friday morning.

“I’m just not sure what he’s going to announce,” Mr. Gidley, a top adviser to the former governor, said. “I know that sounds insincere, but I really don’t.”

Asked whether the announcement would settle the question of Mr. Huckabee’s running, one way or the other, Mr. Gidley said, “that’s an interesting question. He doesn’t throw around ‘I’ve got big announcement’ lingo in a haphazard fashion. But I really don’t know.”

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