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Rich Lean Toward Romney, Lower-Income Backs Palin

Mitt Romney’s base tends to be higher-income and college-educated Republicans, while Sarah Palin is attracting more support from those without a college degree and with lower incomes, according to a Gallup poll released today.

Mike Huckabee, the only other candidate to get double-digit support in this poll, does best among those making $24,000 to $59,000, but overall, has more consistent amounts of support across income and education levels.

Among those making under $24,000, Palin is supported by 22 percent, while Romney is backed by 9 percent. Switch to the demographic making over $90,000 and the reverse occurs: Palin is supported by 7 percent, while Romney is at 22 percent.

Ramesh wrote earlier this year about how a Palin vs. Romney primary could lead to an ugly GOP class divide in the election.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman are the only potential candidates whose support levels were the same across all income levels. Paul received 7 percent support, while Huntsman was at 1 percent.

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