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Romney Gives Himself Better than 50/50 Odds to Beat Obama

As Bob notes, Mitt Romney gave President Obama an ‘F’ on the Today show that aired this morning.

Maybe that’s why Romney is confident he has a good chance of beating Obama if he gets the nomination. “I do give myself better than 50/50 odds, but it’s up to the American people,” Romney said. “I’ll tell them what I believe. If that works, great.”

He also offered a new defense of why Romneycare differs from Obamacare: it’s shorter, 70 pages vs. over 2,000 pages.

The interview also gave Romney a chance to present his more casual side. He talked about his preferred music player (he uses his iPad, not an iPod), his enjoyment of American Idol, and believe it or not, the fact that he has read Twilight, the series about the tumultuous romance between a vampire and a teen girl. Romney, who started the series after his granddaughter introduced him to it, described the books as “fun.”

Also, even Romney has bad hair days.

Asked if a “hair was ever out of place,” Romney’s wife, Ann, said, “Of course.  All the time.”

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