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Trump Fires Back at Charges of Racism

Donald Trump isn’t intimidated by former Obama administration green czar Van Jones’s efforts to brand Trump as a racist.

“I am the least racist person there is,” Trump said on Fox & Friends this morning. “I think that most people that know me would tell you that.”

Trump noted that a past winner of The Apprentice had been Dr. Randall Pickett, an African-American man that Trump described as “outstanding in every way.”

Trump was responding to a campaign by ColorofChange, a group headed by Van Jones, to get two African-American contestants on Celebrity Apprentice to denounce Trump for his “race-baiting & birtherism,” according to a tweet by the group.

Trump did not seem concerned by the campaign.

“I don’t care too much about Van Jones. I don’t know anything about him,” he said.

Randall Pinkett’s spokeswoman told NRO that Pinkett did not have a statement at this time about Trump’s remarks.  Kevin Allen, an African-American and former Apprentice contestant, told Talking Points Memo that “apparently [Trump] doesn’t like educated African-Americans very much.”

Trump was criticized last month for his comment that he had a “great relationship with the blacks.”

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