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Gingrich: NBC Sources ‘Lied’ about Callista

Newt Gingrich lashed out at NBC News last night for airing a segment that used anonymous sources to pinpoint his wife, Callista, as the reason for his campaign’s current woes.

Saying that the NBC quoted sources who “lied” about Callista, Gingrich told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, “I believe NBC owes Callista an apology.”

“The fact is, my campaign is my campaign,” he added. “Yes, we make decisions as a couple, but in the end, I take full responsibility.”

Gingrich said that he and Callista had “a very similar relationship to Nancy and Ronnie Reagan.”

“People blame Nancy Reagan for things that Ronald Reagan did,” Gingrich remarked. “The fact is, we are partners in thinking a lot of things through. … I think that unnerved some of the — some of the consultants who thought they ought to own everything, they ought to control everything. And they resented the idea that they had to have the two of us actually talk with them about things like our schedules.”

Discussing the bulk resignation of his senior staffers, Gingrich said they wanted to run “a 1952 campaign,” while he wanted to run “run an idea-oriented, grass-roots, solutions-based campaign that used Facebook and YouTube and all sorts of exciting things.”

Gingrich dismissed an ABC News report this week that accused him of violating the line between charitable and political operations by transferring $220,000 from the charity to a Gingrich company as “so inaccurate.”

He also vented about the media’s treatment of him.

“Lots of people thought that I did very well in the debate Monday night because I wasn’t edited by the elite media,” he said. “I wasn’t censored. They didn’t cut it up. They didn’t contextualize it.”


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