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Palin Mocks Media’s Attention to Released E-Mails

Sarah Palin said last night that the level of attention over last week’s release of nearly 25,000 e-mails from her time as governor shows that that the mainstream media’s “priorities are quite skewed.”

“I just hope folks learned a lot from these, I guess, benign and boring e-mails,” she told Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano.

She also rejected the suggestion that she would “go rogue” in the 2012 election if the Republican nominee wasn’t to her liking. Instead, Palin said she intended “to make sure a nominee surfaces who is supporter of a smaller, smarter government and then we won’t be put in that position of needing to ‘go rogue.’”

Asked about the resignation of Anthony Weiner, Palin noted that the Queens congressman “was going to be rendered impotent” in the House whether he resigned or not, after the scandal broke out.


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