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Palin: No Decision Made on ‘Earth-Shattering’ 2012 Choice

Sarah Palin continued to deny that she had made a final decision about whether to run in 2012.

“It’s a tough decision, it’s a big decision to decide whether to run for office or not,” Palin said at the Iowa premiere of The Undefeated yesterday, according to CBS News. “I’m still contemplating. I am still thinking about the decision and you know a lot goes into such a life-changing, relatively earth-shattering type of decision.”

Asked about Bristol Palin’s remark that Palin “definitely knows” whether she’s running or not, Palin shrugged her daughter’s comment off.

“I texted Bristol, I said honey what did you say this morning on some news program,’ She said, ‘Oh, mom, you’ve got to watch the interview. You know how they take everything out of context,’” Palin recounted.

“I said you remember Bristol what we talk about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat,” she added. “I don’t know what she said. She said I have to watch it myself. I don’t know what she said but still thinking about it.”

Palin met with Iowa GOP fundraiser Becky Beach before the premiere, but Beach told the Des Moines Register that she and Palin had not talked about politics.

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