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Pawlenty: Huckabee Polled Lower in Iowa Than Me at This Stage

Tim Pawlenty waved off concerns today about his poor showing in an Iowa poll released this weekend.

“The early polls don’t mean much,” Pawlenty told CBS about his sixth place showing in the Des Moines Register poll. “If they did, Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani would be president today. Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses and he [was] actually lower in the polls at this point than we are.”

Pawlenty is pushing hard in Iowa lately, buying radio and TV ads. (The ads did not begin airing until after the poll had been completed.) In a press release today, his campaign touted the ten Iowa state legislators who were on Pawlenty’s Iowa Legislative Steering committee.

He also addressed the upcoming debt ceiling vote, arguing that ceiling shouldn’t be raised and a default should be avoided by prioritizing debt payments.

“We need people to stand strong and say enough, we’ve had it,” Pawlenty said. “Cut up the credit card. I hope Republicans stand strong in Washington and do just that.”


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