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Cain Announces New Iowa Staff

Herman Cain has announced four new hires in the Hawkeye State. Real-estate attorney Larry Tuel will serve as state director, while Lisa Lockwood, Zach Dalluge, and Steven Hensler will work as field staff. Last month, several of Cain’s top staffers resigned over what the candidate described as strategic differences.

“What I have found is that some of our staffers [are] very enthusiastic about that state [they work in] and they would want me to live there,” Cain told NRO at the time.

Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts is unimpressed with Cain’s picks:

Anyway, when he said Goff and Hall had already been replaced “almost immediately” . . . well yes I guess he could say that. The problem with saying that though is that these people with the exception of Hensler were hired in early June I’ve been told. Spin, spin, spin, spin . . . and Cain says he isn’t a politician. His staff consists of a state director who I’ve been told is a real estate attorney, a college student, and a legislative clerk. Doesn’t really inspire confidence. Not to put those hired down, but what experience do they have?


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