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Did Bachmann Break FEC Law in 2006?

Did Michele Bachmann fail to follow FEC law in 2006? Matt Lewis looks at one report, and discovers a suspiciously high gas reimbursement. From the Daily Caller:


According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (see page 16 of this PDF), covering the period between November 28 and December 31 of 2006, Marcus [Bachmann] was reimbursed $6,230 for mileage. …

Granted, $6,230 hardly seems like a shockingly large amount of money for a spouse to be reimbursed for campaign expenses. But considering that the IRS’s standard mileage rate was 44.5 cents per mile, and that the farthest opposing corners of Minnesota’s sixth district stretch about 120 miles, Marcus Bachmann would have had to have driven 14,000 miles (58 round trips) in the span of 1 month to warrant the money.

Full post here. Lewis speculates that  Marcus Bachmann drove most of the miles prior to November 28, but did not report it until this month (not legal) and/or was considering never reporting the miles if the campaign ended up in debt — but if he hadn’t sought reimbursement, it would have violated the maximum legal amount he was allowed to give his wife’s campaign.


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