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Gay Activists Plan to Attack Bachmann

Gay activists are hoping to galvanize gay Democrats by highlighting Rep. Michele Bachmann’s past comments and positions on gay marriage — and her husband Marcus Bachmann’s work as therapist running a clinic that, if a patient requests, will seek to help the patient reduce same-sex inclinations. From Politico’s Ben Smith:

But if the contrast between Obama and Jon Huntsman, who has signaled tolerance and won the backing of support of gay Republicans, or Mitt Romney, whose record as Massachusetts governor was moderate, may leave gay activists cold, Bachmann gets gay Democrats excited.

“The idea of some sort of a therapy to make us straight — it’s bizarre and nuts,” said David Mixner, a top gay Democratic fundraiser. “For those who are somewhat disenchanted on some issues with Obama, this will enable them to get over whatever reservations they may have.”

Smith also reports that gay rights groups intend to highlight Bachmann’s record on gay rights:

“Michele Bachmann is the very definition of a target-rich environment, and given her husband’s positions and things she’s said in past she’s going to have a really hard time appearing as a reasonable mainstream candidate,” said Michael Cole-Schwartz, the communications director for the group Human Rights Campaign.

“We’re going to be looking or opportunities to get her record and her rhetoric out there,” he said, arguing that voters of both parties would view “ any candidates who espouse those kind of beliefs [as] living in the Twilight Zone.”

Full piece here.

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