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Gingrich Laments Dismal Jobs Report

At the Family Leader Presidential Lecture Series in Iowa last Friday, Newt Gingrich lamented the dismal jobs report, which pegged the June unemployment rate at 9.2 percent. In a press release, Gingrich says:

“President Obama’s job killing policies are weakening families, creating dependency and undermining our independence as a people,” said Gingrich.    

“America only works when Americans are working,” continued Gingrich.  “Families need jobs to be independent and self-sufficient. Killing jobs and moving people from paychecks to food stamps, from the breadwinner to the bureaucrat as the source of money, undermines the American family and strengthens the power of government.”

“For America to create jobs in the 21st century, we need to end permanently the age of big government,” continued Gingrich.


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