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Huntsman Unworried by Low Poll Numbers

Jon Huntsman brushed off concerns about his low poll numbers this morning, saying that the campaign was exactly “where we wanted to be” at this stage.

“Nobody’s going to pay any attention to this race until September or October, and by then, we’ll have the organization on the ground, we’ll have a message honed,” Huntsman told CBS.

Huntsman, the only GOP candidate to endorse John Boehner’s plan, explained his support this way: “It’s the only act in town. We’ve got to remember we’re still 25 percent of the world’s GDP. We’re still the country that everyone in the world looks to for leadership and financial leadership. We’ve got to find a solution here.”

He praised Boehner’s solution for its cuts and attention to tax reform.

Huntsman also indicated he saw no tension between his campaign’s new, more aggressive push and his earlier calls for a civil race.

“Civility can co-exist with the facts. In a race, you’ve got to point out your differences,” Huntsman said. “Nobody wants to rip down somebody’s integrity. It’s the personal attacks that I think Americans hate so much about politics these days. Stick to the issues.”


(Hat tip: GOP12)

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