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The Minnesota Hawk

Columnist Marc Thiessen quizzes Tim Pawlenty on his foreign policy in the Washington Post today. Thiessen concludes that Pawlenty is the “Minnesota hawk”:

Some have suggested Pawlenty is carrying the McCain foreign policy mantle in this race. To the extent this suggests a robust approach to Iran, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, Pawlenty says, “I embrace that label.” But he points out that he and McCain have differences — especially when it comes to handling captured terrorists. “He supports closing down Guantanamo; I don’t. He’s against enhanced interrogation techniques; I’m in favor of them under limited and controlled circumstances,” Pawlenty tells me. As for trying captured terrorists, Pawlenty says that “the proper place for [an enemy combatant] to be processed and questioned and prosecuted is not our civilian courts.” That sounds a lot more like Dick Cheney than John McCain.

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