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Mr. Bachmann

Politico profiles the relationship between Michele Bachmann and her husband:

They’ve long integrated their lives according to the demands of her job — when she headed to Washington in 2007, Marcus Bachmann, a Ph.D. clinical therapist, took on more of the parenting responsibilities at home. They have five biological children and cared for 23 foster children over the years.

“I know that he’s had to pick up the slack on the home front when she went to Congress,” said Minnesota Family Council president Tom Prichard, who has known him for about a decade.

Others who know the couple say Marcus Bachmann is a mild-mannered foil to his wife’s brand of red-meat conservatism. Discussing her parenting strategy, she has compared herself to the drill sergeant and her husband to the good cop.  …

Especially because the congresswoman has such a high staff turnover and small inner-circle, Marcus Bachmann is his wife’s closest confidant. Another former staffer said the congresswoman didn’t talk about her husband much, but that he called the office almost every day, sometimes as many as three times a day.

“I know he’s important,” the ex-aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said. “He clearly has a lot of influence.”

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