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Pawlenty: Jesus Is My ‘Political Hero’

From the Huffington Post’s Jon Ward:


On Thursday, the former Minnesota governor listed Jesus Christ as one of his “political heroes” in response to a question from an Iowa voter about influential figures in his life. …

“I’ve got a lot of political heroes too,” he said. “I love Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ.” He said that he and his wife Mary “are people of faith and believers.”

And then he weaved in a mention of the website PawlentyFaith.com, which he said is “dedicated to our view of our faith and how faith connects to the public square.”

Tim Pawlenty, who did not sign the “marriage vow” pledge hyped by influential Iowa social conservative Bob Vander Plaats but instead released a video statement about his faith, is clearly trying to win over some of the more religious voters in the state.

PawlentyFaith.com automatically redirects to Action.IowaStrawPoll2011.com, a rather obvious indication about who Pawlenty specifically is pitching his message to these days. 

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