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Pawlenty Rips Bachmann

Campaigning in Iowa today, Tim Pawlenty had some not-so-kind words for his fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann. From the Los Angeles Times:

After taking questions from Iowa voters in Marshalltown on Tuesday, Pawlenty directly questioned Bachmann’s credentials — stating that experience running “a large enterprise under difficult and challenging circumstances with a public component to it and driving it to results” was “a necessary prerequisite” to being president of the United States.

“She doesn’t have it,” Pawlenty said of that experience, speaking to reporters at the Marshalltown Public Library in the midst of his “Road to Results” RV tour through Iowa. 

The former governor predicted Bachmann would have difficulty getting elected: “I don’t think the country’s going to do that again. They learned the lesson of big speeches and no experience with Barack Obama and it didn’t work.”     

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