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Romney Takes the Wheel in New Video

In a new web video, Mitt Romney, filmed while driving, praises New Hampshire’s scenery and talks about bringing jobs back to the state:



We’re headed to Berlin today in the North Country. We used to come here early on with our boys. Played in the streams, and went through the woods, climbed through the crevasses. Franconia Notch, you get to climb through the rocks and get quite a sense of nature up here. It’s really an extraordinarily beautiful place. This is Berlin, New Hampshire – beautiful place. Lot of people want to live here. There are some great businesses that have been here but, boy, they have really suffered the last couple of years. Businesses have shut their doors and had to move on. Some are battling to keep jobs and keep strong here. People want to live in a place that’s beautiful like this but for that to happen they’ve got to have jobs here. And there’s no reason why entrepreneurs can’t make the North Country a vibrant part of our economy. And if we get an overall economy that’s firing on all eight cylinders again, why, we’ll be able to create more jobs in places like Berlin and the North Country and frankly all over America.

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