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Romney Touts Support from Utah Officials

Yesterday, Utah congressman — and former chief of staff to Jon Huntsman — Jason Chaffetz announced he was supporting Mitt Romney. (Chaffetz admitted that he had been asked to step down as chief-of-staff by Huntsman, but insisted he had no ill-will for his former boss.) Today, the Romney campaign blasted out a list of Utah officials that have to decided to endorse Romney. There’s some big names, including Sen. Orrin Hatch (who Chaffetz may challenge for the senate). But the amount of endorsements from lesser-known officials — 16 state senators (out of 29) and 27 state representatives (out of 75) — seems high, considering that Huntsman was a very popular Utah governor who only stepped down in 2009.

Full list of those endorsing Romney below the jump.


·         Senator Orrin Hatch

·         Congressman Jason Chaffetz

·         Congressman Rob Bishop

·         Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell

·         Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

·         State Senate President Michael G. Waddoups

·         State Senate Majority Leader Scott K. Jenkins

·         State Senate Majority Whip Wayne L. Niederhauser

·         State Senate Assistant Majority Whip Peter C. Knudson

·         State Senator J. Stuart Adams

·         State Senator Curtis S. Bramble

·         State Senator Allen M. Christensen

·         State Senator Margaret Dayton

·         State Senator Lyle W. Hillyard

·         State Senator David P. Hinkins

·         State Senator Daniel R. Liljenquist

·         State Senator Ralph Okerlund

·         State Senator Aaron Osmond

·         State Senator Jerry W. Stevenson

·         State Senator Daniel W. Thatcher

·         State Senator John L. Valentine          

·         House Majority Leader Brad L. Dee

·         Representative Johnny Anderson

·         Representative Roger E.  Barrus

·         Representative Jim Bird

·         Representative Derek E. Brown

·         Representative Melvin R. Brown

·         Representative LaVar Christensen

·         Representative Fred C. Cox

·         Representative Bradley M. Daw

·         Representative Jack R. Draxler           

·         Representative Rebecca P. Edwards

·         Representative Steve Eliason

·         Representative Julie Fisher

·         Representative Gage Froerer   

·         Representative Brad J. Galvez

·         Representative Francis D. Gibson

·         Representative Richard A. Greenwood

·         Representative Keith Grover

·         Representative Stephen G. Handy

·         Representative Wayne A. Harper

·         Representative Christopher N. Herrod

·         Representative Don L. Ipson

·         Representative Ken Ivory

·         Representative Todd E. Kiser  

·         Representative Bradley G. Last

·         Representative Kay L. McIff

·         Representative Michael T. Morley       

·         Representative Merlynn T. Newbold

·         Representative Jim Nielson

·         Representative Michael E. Noel

·         Representative Patrick Painter

·         Representative Lee B. Perry

·         Representative Jeremy A. Peterson

·         Representative Val L. Peterson

·         Representative Dixon M. Pitcher

·         Representative Paul Ray

·         Representative Holly J. Richardson

·         Representative Douglas Sagers

·         Representative Stephen E. Sandstrom

·         Representative Dean Sanpei

·         Representative R. Curt Webb  

·         Representative Brad R. Wilson

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