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Texas Insiders Anticipate Perry Run

From Reuters


Among political insiders in the Texas state capital, one thing is considered certain: Governor Rick Perry will jump into the Republican presidential race in the next few weeks. …

“My belief is he will run,” said Austin lawyer Bill Crocker, general counsel to the Republican National Committee and a Perry friend.

“People keep telling me ‘We’ve got to have him in the race,’” Crocker said. “We need somebody who can win. He is easily the most attractive campaigner we’ve got. …

His supporters say that will be a formidable combination that could bridge the gap between the party’s right wing and establishment center.

“He’s getting a lot of people calling him because they think he can fill that void,” said Republican lobbyist Cliff Johnson, a Perry hunting buddy who shared an apartment with him when they first served together in the Texas legislature.

[Hat tip: GOP12’s Christian Heinze.] 

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