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Gingrich’s Appeal

At a rally Friday with Tim Pawlenty, Thad McCotter, and Rick Santorum, it’s Newt Gingrich who generates the most enthusiasm from the crowd. From IowaPolitics.com’s Hannah Hess:


[I]t was Gingrich’s 20-minute speech that sent the loudest waves of applause and laughter reverberating off the cinder block walls.

Gingrich branded Obama’s presidency as a “remarkable” combination of “radicalism and incompetence,” called repeal of the Dodd-Frank Act approved during his presidency a “no-brainer,” and encouraged the crowd to start working with him to change the country’s policies before the next election. …

Julie Crook, a 63-year-old from Newton who said she is still undecided about who she will support for 2012, found herself putting her hands together most during Gingrich’s speech, the third of the night.

“He had a very dynamic message,” said Crook, a quality control inspector at Hanson Directory Service, Inc. “What he wants to do with the government if he became president is what I would want to do to. So I was very impressed with that.”

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