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Huntsman: Bachmann ‘Off in One Corner of the Party’

In light of the hullabaloo over Jon Huntsman’s comment that Michele Bachmann made for “good photography,” New York’s John Heilmann releases more of the conversation he had with Huntsman about Bachmann:

JHEIL: What do you think of Michele Bachmann as a potential nominee?

JHUNT: I think it’s too hypothetical. I don’t think she gets the nomination. I think it’s impossible for her to get the nomination. I don’t think she’s gonna be able to bring the numbers together within the Republican tent to get the nomination. She’s off in one corner of the party. I think she’s excited that corner of the party. There are some elements that the media find appealing.

JHEIL: Irresistible.

JHUNT: Irresistible. And why not? She makes for good copy. And good photography. So why not take it for all you can get? But I think that’s way too speculative.

Full conversation here. Huntsman said yesterday that he held Bachmann in “high regard” and that he wished he was as photogenic. 

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