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Huntsman Criticizes Romney for Debt Deal Inaction


Jon Huntsman criticized Mitt Romney’s refusal to take a position on the debt deal until yesterday “very, very telling” in an interview today.

“He certainly is one who waited right until the very end until effectively a decision had been made,” Huntsman said of Romney’s timing.

He said that he disagreed with Ron Paul’s and Michele Bachmann’s positions on the debt ceiling hike, but praised their willingness to take positions, saying it was “commendable.”

Asked about his remark made to New York magazine that Bachmann “makes for good copy — and good photography,” Huntsman denied that he had intended any slight to the congresswoman, whom he said he held in “high regard.”

“I was trying to compliment Rep. Bachmann,” Huntsman said. “I wish we were all that photogenic.”

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