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Huntsman Defends Weaver

Talking to reporters in New Hampshire today, Jon Huntsman defended senior adviser John Weaver, who came under fire in a long Politico piece today that quoted campaign staffers complaining about his abrasive management style.

“John Weaver is a critically important part of our team. He’s our strategist, has been from day one, and he will be. He’s a great friend and he’s indispensable to the campaign,” Huntsman said, according to NBC News

He also said the campaign was now “moving in the right directions that will allow us to win New Hampshire.”

UPDATE: ”Governor Huntsman is very confident in the campaign’s leadership,” says Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller in a statement. “The campaign is on a path to victory with trusted advisors, the right message, and most importantly the most-prepared and most-accomplished candidate in the field. Gov. Huntsman is concerned about the lack of jobs and debt crisis facing this nation. He’s focused on solving this nation’s problems, not inside-the-beltway banter.”

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