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Obama Donors Switch to Romney

Sixty-seven Wall Street donors have shifted gears this election cycle, boosting Mitt Romney instead of President Obama with financial contributions. From The Hill


The 67 individuals who live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut donated at least once to Obama’s 2008 campaign. They have since directed contributions amounting to more than $147,000 toward Romney’s presidential campaign.

The crossover donors are employed by a large number of banks, private equity firms and hedge-fund companies, including Credit Suisse, the Blackstone Group, the Stanwich Group and Goldman Sachs….

One Wall Street executive who requested anonymity said he and some of his colleagues feel betrayed by Obama.

“Everybody I speak to is on the same boat — disappointment,” said the source, who contributed to Obama three years ago and is now backing Romney.

The piece goes on to note that in the 2008 cycle, fifteen of these donors gave to both Romney and Obama, and overall, a little more than half gave to both a GOP presidential candidate and Obama. But so far this cycle, only three of the 67 have given to Obama’s campaign. 

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