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Paul: Perry’s Candidacy May Just be a ‘Flash’

Ron Paul doubts that Rick Perry’s entrance into the race will impact his campaign.

“He doesn’t threaten my campaign because his views are more conventional, more status quo,” Paul said on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom program today.

“This might be a flash,” Paul said of Perry’s momentum, noting that he would face many more questions over the next few weeks. “He’s a governor of a big state so he will get credibility for that. There’s many that have entered this race over the past year they come for a few months or so, and then they leave. They get a lot of publicity.”

Asked about the ad placed in an Austin newspaper by a self-identified Ron Paul supporter that asked women to announce publicly if they had slept with Perry, Paul expressed irritation.

“I don’t know how something like that qualifies as a question on national TV as if it’s something serious,” he said. “For me to address that would give it too much credibility. How can this be a significant issue in a presidential race?”

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