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Romney to Introduce Jobs Plan Next Month


Mitt Romney will introduce his own jobs plan in Nevada on September 6.

“Why hasn’t he come out with it already?” Romney said of President Obama’s plan during a Fox News interview this afternoon.  Obama has said he will release the plan sometime in September.

Romney mentioned the dueling jobs plans in the context of responding to a question about remarks Rick Perry had made.

“We have a lot of time over the coming months to talk about distinctions between the various candidates,” Romney said, when asked about Perry’s remarks last week that the only way to do an “apples to apples” comparison between the two men’s records was to look at their success as governors.  Romney said he intended to keep his focus on Obama, not his GOP rivals, for the time being.

Romney did not criticize Perry’s comment calling Ben Bernanke’s actions “treasonous,” but did say he did not support another round of quantitative easing.

Asked about oil prices, Romney said that “it’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen to prices from time to time” — a remark that could have been intended as a shot at Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has said that she believes she could bring gas prices below $2 a gallon.

But he spoke warmly about Bachmann in the context of the Ames Straw Poll, saying that the event had been “a great show of strength for Michele Bachmann and for Ron Paul as well.”

Romney also defended his more low-key approach, which lacks the fire that Perry and Bachmann bring to their public statements.  “Why don’t you go back and pull out the tape from the Iowa state fair? You don’t decide to run for president of the United States unless you have fire in the belly,” Romney said. “I care very deeply about this country.”

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