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Romney Taps Lawyers Opposed to Individual Mandate for Legal Committee

Mitt Romney has assembled some top Republican talent to serve on his new Justice Advisory Committee. Former Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork will chair the committee, along with co-chairs Mary Anne Glendon, a Harvard Law School professor, and Richard Wiley, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. The lawyers on the committee include former Department of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff, and interestingly, David Rivkin and Lee Casey, two prominent lawyers who have argued that the individual mandate provision is unconstitutional. 

Full list of lawyers on the committee below the jump.


·         Alex Acosta

·         William Allen

·         Alex Azar

·         H. Christopher Bartolomucci

·         Lizette Benedi Herraiz

·         Bradford A. Berenson

·         Elliot S. Berke

·         Brant Bishop

·         Michelle Boardman

·         J. Caleb Boggs III

·         Robert Bork

·         Steven Bradbury

·         Lee A. Casey

·         Michael Chertoff

·         Jeffrey Clark

·         Gus Coldebella

·         Roderick De Arment

·         George Dent

·         Michael R. Dimino

·         Thomas Dupree

·         Charles Eskridge

·         Allen Ferrell

·         Timothy Flanigan

·         Sergio J. Galvis

·         Deborah A. Garza

·         Tom Gede

·         Mary Ann Glendon

·         Alan Gura

·         Jimmy Gurulé

·         Catherine Hanaway

·         Jennifer Hardy

·         W. Thomas Haynes

·         Jay Jorgensen

·         Jay Kanzler

·         Roy Katzovicz

·         Richard Klingler

·         Christopher Landau

·         Stephen Larson

·         Katie Lev

·         Wendy Long

·         Fred Lowell

·         Raymond B. Ludwiszewski

·         Maureen Mahoney

·         Roman Martinez

·         Gary McDowell

·         Brent McIntosh

·         Grant S. Nelson

·         Mark Nielsen

·         Howard C. Nielson, Jr.

·         Robert O’Brien

·         Kevin O’Connor

·         John O’Quinn

·         Elizabeth Papez

·         Matthew Papez

·         Nels Peterson

·         Thomas Phillips

·         Stephen Presser

·         David Rivkin, Jr.

·         Jeffrey Rosen

·         Gene Schaerr

·         Jay Stephens

·         John Sullivan


·         Richard Wiley

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