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Ron Paul: My Candidacy in ‘Top Tier’


Ron Paul charged today that the media ignores him because they are “frightened” by his views.

“Sure, they are, and we need to ask why,” he told Fox News host Megyn Kelly in response to a question about paucity of media coverage he had received after winning second at the Ames Straw Poll.” What are they afraid of?”

“We’re doing well,” Paul added. “We’re certainly in the top tier. We showed we did well in Iowa .We have a good organization. We can raise money. But they don’t want to discuss my views because I think they’re frightened by us changing the status quo and the establishment when it comes to foreign policy, monetary policy, the entitlement system, because my views are quite  different than the other candidates.”

Paul also argued that he was viable in a general election, pointing to polls that had shown him running close to Obama in a match-up.

He did not back down from his assertion in Thursday’s debate when he argued against sanctions imposed on Iran to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

“As far as Iran getting a nuke, I don’t want them to have a nuke. I don’t want anybody to have nukes!” Paul said. “Iran doesn’t even have a nuke. Our CIA says they’re not even on the verge of having a nuke.”

He said if president, he would not intervene if Iran attacked Israel. “I’d let Israel take care of them. Why should we interfere with Israel?” Paul asked, noting that Israel had 300 nuclear weapons.

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