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Gingrich: ‘I’ll Be Very, Very Competitive’ by January

Newt Gingrich remains optimistic about his campaign, despite lagging poll numbers.

“We don’t pick any delegates until January and by January I think I’ll be very, very competitive,” Gingrich said on Fox’s America’s Newsroom today. “I’m looking forward to going to a Senator Mint and Congressman’s King program in Columbia on Labor Day. I’m looking forward very much to the Reagan Library debate next week. I think that ideas matter and leadership now matters and I’m going to continue talking about what we need to do now to create jobs now. I think it’s not just what you do in January 2013, but how do we get Americans back to work now.”

The former speaker of the House was also dismissive of President Obama’s original request to deliver an address to Congress on September 7.

“Under the House rules, you have to have a concurrent resolution of the House and Senate, Gingrich said. “They don’t even come in until 6:00 on Wednesday night — it was physically impossible. It was a silly request.”


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