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Perry Announces Maryland Endorsements

The Perry campaign announced today that 40 Maryland politicians and GOP leaders have endorsed Rick Perry. Full list below of endorsements below the jump.


• State Senator Chris Shank

• State Delegate Wendell Beitzel

• State Delegate Gail Bates

• State Delegate Kathy Szeliga

• State Delegate Nancy Stocksdale

• State Delegate Kelly Schulz

• State Delegate Justin Ready

• State Delegate Steve Hershey

• Finance Chairman Dick Hug, Bob Ehrlich for Governor, 2002 -2010

• County Councilman Jerry Walker, Anne Arundel County

• Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt, Calvert County

• Commissioner Haven Shoemaker, Jr., Carroll County

• Commissioner Doug Howard, Carroll County • Commissioner Blaine Young, Frederick County

• Former Councilman Mike Christman, City of Annapolis

• Former Commissioner Eric Wargotz, Queen Anne’s County

• 2nd Vice President Patt Parker, National Federation of Republican Women

• 1st Vice Chair Diana Waterman, Maryland State GOP

• Former General Counsel Dirk Haire, Maryland State GOP

• 2nd Vice President Sylvia Darrow, Maryland Federation of Republican Women

• 3rd Vice President Catie Ravenscroft James, Maryland Federation of Republican Women

• National Committeeman Trae Lewis, Maryland Young Republicans

• Legal Counsel Jason Rheinstein, Maryland Young Republicans

• Central Committee Member Flora Betro, Howard County

• Central Committee Member Lisa Griffith, Allegany County

• Central Committee Member Debbie Belcher, Anne Arundel County

• Central Committee Member Jeanette Radford, Montgomery County

• Central Committee Member Dwight Patel, Montgomery County

• Central Committee Member Rachel Audi, Prince George’s County

• Central Committee Member Alan Rzepkowski, Anne Arundel County

• Central Committee Member Sastry Dhara, Montgomery County

• Central Committee Member John Milden, Montgomery County

• Central Committee Member Joe Collins, Jr., Baltimore City

• Central Committee Member Gary Collins, Baltimore City

• Former Central Committee Member Doug Burkhardt, City of Annapolis

• Former Central Committee Member Brandon Wright, City of Annapolis

• Former Central Committee Member Ruth Umbel, Garrett County

• Former Central Committee Member April Rose, Carroll County

• Board Member Michelle Corkadel, West Anne Arundel County Republican Club

• Former President Diane Nash Dillon, Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club

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