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Perry to Participate in Florida Straw Poll

Rick Perry will participate in Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll, reports the St. Petersburg Times:

“Gov. Perry is fully committed to participating in P5,” said Perry campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan. “The governor is committed to working hard for the vote in Florida. We have the beginnings of a very good organization in Florida and believe the governor’s message will win support in Florida.”

It’s still not clear the extent of Perry’s campaigning for the straw poll election – there’s talk of breakfast remarks before he flies out of state – but his commitment still is greater than the other major contenders except Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have also committed, so that leaves just Romney and Bachmann as the only major candidates not actively “participating” in the beauty contest of 3,500 GOP activist’s in the must-win battleground of Florida.

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