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Romney Picks Up Maine Endorsements

The Romney campaign announced today that Mitt Romney had been endorsed by a slew of Maine Republicans, including Maine attorney general William Schneider. Full list of endorsements as provided by the campaign below the jump.

·         William Schneider; Attorney General

·         Peter Cianchette; Former U.S. Ambassador

·         Dave Emery; Former U.S. Congressman

·         Jon Courtney; Senate Majority Leader

·         Ron Collins; State Senator

·         Richard Rosen; State Senator

·         Lois Snowe-Mello; State Senator

·         Bruce Bickford; State Representative

·         Richard Cebra; State Representative

·         Dean Cray; State Representative

·         Stacey Fitts; State Representative

·         Leslie Fossel; State Representative

·         Ken Fredette; State Representative

·         Peter Johnson; State Representative

·         Jim Donnelly; Former House Republican Leader

·         Josh Tardy; Former House Republican Leader

·         Rick Bennett; Former Senate President & RNC National Committeeman

·         Jan Staples; RNC National Committeewoman

·         Charlie Cragin; Former National Committeeman 

·         Maureen Cragin; Retired Naval Captain and former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

·         Doris Russell; Former National Committeewoman

·         Hattie Bickmore; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman

·         Mark Ellis; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman

·         Steve Abbott; 2010 Republican Candidate for Governor

·         Jason Levesque; Former 2010 Republican Candidate for Congress

·         Tim Woodcock; Attorney and former Republican Candidate for Congress

·         Chris Gardiner; Washington County Chair

·         Howard Bickford: Wilton Town Republican Chair

·         David Coleman; Limerick Town Republican Chair

·         Gerald Morrison; Perry Town Republican Chair

·         Pat Percy; Phippsburg Town Republican Chair

·         Janet Plausse; Lincolnville Town Republican Chair

·         Jonathan Reisman; Cooper Town Republican Chair

·         George Sanborn; Poland Town Republican Chair

·         Glyneta Thomson; Surry Town Republican Chair

·         Ben Gilman; 2008 Maine State Victory Director

·         Ann Robinson; Co-Chair, Transition Team for Governor-Elect Paul LePage

·         Kathy Summers-Grice;  General Consultant to the Maine Senate Republican Caucus

·         Halsey Frank

·         Merton Henry

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