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‘Romney’s Stimu-Flop’

The Perry campaign is out today with a new video attacking Mitt Romney for altering his language about the stimulus between the hardback and paperback editions of No Apology

Not included in the ad: the fact that after Romney said in the hardback version that the stimulus “would accelerate” when the recovery happened, he added that the stimulus would have helped more “had it included genuine tax- and job-generating incentives.”

“Governor Romney and President Obama were both wrong about the stimulus – it didn’t work to create jobs,” Perry spokesman Mark Miner said in a statement accompanying the video. “Governor Romney is Obama-lite – supporting the stimulus, government-mandated health care, and federal intervention into schools – but when his liberal positions are discovered, he flips with ease.”

UPDATE: “In what is rapidly becoming a disturbing pattern, Gov. Perry’s latest attack on Mitt Romney is just another tall tale,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. “Gov. Perry should explain why he accepted billions of President Obama’s stimulus cash to cover up his massive budget deficit, instead of manufacturing false attacks on Gov. Romney.” Saul also e-mailed the stimulus passages from both editions of the book:

Hardcover: “The “all- Democrat” stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery, but not as much as it could have had it included genuine tax- and job- generating incentives. President Obama and his economic team said their stimulus would hold unemployment below 8 percent. But unemployment soared well above that level. Not only has the 2009 package already been far less than successful, it will impose a heavy burden on the economy in the intermediate and long term.” (Mitt Romney, No Apology, p. 144-145)

Paperback: “The “all- Democrat” stimulus passed in early 2009 has been a failure. The administration takes great pains to argue that the stimulus helped grow the economy. The relevant question is whether it performed accord-ing to the Obama administration’s own standards— and that answer is “no.” President Obama and his economic team said that it would hold unemployment below 8 percent. But unemployment soared to 10 percent and has remained over 9.5 percent for more than a year. Rather than focusing on incentives to create private sector employment, the stimulus funded federal programs and bailed out state governments. Washington, D.C., became a boom town as the government added 127 thousand new jobs. People throughout the rest of the country suffered, however, as private sector employment plunged by 2.4 million jobs. The 15 million Americans out of work as of August 2010 would constitute an unemployment line reaching from Washington, D.C., to California and back again. The Obama stimulus, funded with a mountain of debt, was a bust.” (Mitt Romney, No Apology, p.158-159)

The Romney campaign also sent along this CNN piece about how stimulus funds helped Texas balance its budget. 

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