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The Bachmann-Trump Tele-Town Hall

From the Los Angeles Times:

The town hall was marked by Bachmann’s deference to the New York City real estate mogul. She called him “Mr. Trump” and he called her “Michele.” When participants asked questions, Trump routinely answered first and Bachmann played cleanup.

The Minnesota congresswoman lavished praise on Trump.“As you all know, he’s an extremely busy man and he is on this call tonight because he is recognized as one of our nation’s leaders understanding the economy and job creation,” Bachmann said. “He is not on the call this evening because he’s endorsing my candidacy for the presidency. He is on the call because he’s admired, he’s respected, he’s known all over the world as a man who understands the economy.”

Many Republican presidential candidates have visited with Trump, as Bachmann did last week. The phone call, which Bachmann said involved more than 200,000 people, lasted an hour and a half, though Trump jumped off shortly before the hour mark.

It’s somewhat surprising that Bachmann went to this extent to tout her friendship with Trump. A Fox News poll of registered voters released last month found that only 6 percent would be more likely to support a candidate if he received a Trump endorsement, while 31 percent would be less likely to support a Trump-endorsed candidate.


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