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Cain Defends Being Black Conservative

Princeton University professor Cornel West said about Herman Cain yesterday that he should “get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming” that racism exists. Entertainer Harry Belafonte also criticized Cain, calling him a “bad apple” for his remarks on race.

In an interview on Fox News Channel’s Hannity last night, Cain defended himself.

 I do find them offensive,” Cain said of the remarks. “Let me respond to Professor West first. That’s the difference between someone who has spent their life in academia and someone who has spent their life in the real world. I’ve been in the real world. He’s been in academia.”

“As far as Harry Belafonte’s comment, look, I left the Democrat plantation a long time ago,” Cain added. “And all that they try to do when someone like me — and I’m not the only black person out there that shares these conservative views — the only tactic that they have to try and intimidate me and shut me up is to call me names, and this sort of thing. It just simply won’t work.”


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