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Cain Gets a Super PAC

CNN reports that Herman Cain now has a super PAC backing him — which could be crucial, considering how his campaign appears to be far behind many of the other candidates in organization and staff:

A group launched a new effort Tuesday night dedicated to supporting Hermain Cain’s candidacy in the early voting states.

The Super PAC — dubbed the 999 PAC — is run by Republican campaign veteran Jordan Gehrke. He pledges to raise enough money to hire “experienced operatives to staff Cain in for the early states, operatives who have experience winning.”

He identifies those states as Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Michigan, Arizona and Florida.

Here is the group’s first video, which does not directly use Michele Bachmann’s “Don’t settle” theme, but which is riffing off the same sentiment (also allows those who are upset we’re not discussing John McCain and Rudy Giuliani more to feel satisfied):

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