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Cain’s Frequency of Visits to Early Primary States

From Politico:

A POLITICO analysis of candidate schedules reveals that Cain has logged less time in the kick-off states and held far fewer town halls and small town meet-and-greets than any of his competitors. In a nomination fight where the first four states to vote hold a position of exaggerated importance, Cain has taken a different route — a haphazard approach that regularly takes him to places far from the primary and caucus action.

While presidential candidates don’t typically confine themselves to the early state campaign trail, Cain’s peripatetic schedule has nevertheless led to head-scratching — he’s recorded visits to as many as 23 states since announcing his bid back in May.

When Herman Cain came by the NR offices in June, he said that while he was paying attention (and visiting) early primary states, he was also keenly aware of the fact that polls were conducted nationally, not just in the early states, and he wanted to ensure that his poll numbers remained decent nationally by seeing people all over the country. That strategy has also contributed to his string of straw poll victories: Cain has frequently stood out as the candidate willing to come to attend an event with a straw poll, even when it’s not in an early primary state.

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