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Did Cain Flip-Flop?

From Townhall.com’s Guy Benson:

I asked Herman Cain about Al-Awlaki’s death at the presidential forum at “Tea Con” on Saturday.  Back in May, Cain said he opposed a shoot-to-kill order against any US citizen in the absence of due process.

On Saturday, Cain (reluctantly) changed his position.  He told me the case against Al-Awlaki was based on overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence, and that certain “exceptions” should be made in special circumstances.  He said he supported the strike on Al-Awlaki, and no longer questioned Obama’s kill order.  I’m pleased that Cain has adjusted his approach on this controversy, but I’d still question his stated rationale.  The targeted killing of a dangerous enemy in a time of war is not “an exception” to the Constitution.  It is an action that hews to the law of the land, as described above.  

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