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Romney Endorsed by Cochran, Hastert

Sen. Thad Cochran (R., Miss.) and former House speaker Dennis Hastert (R., Ill.) endorsed Mitt Romney today.

“Our country cannot afford another four years of President Obama’s policies,” Cochran said in a statement. “Mitt Romney has the pro-growth message and the unmatched experience that will be required to improve our economy. I am proud to support him.” 

“During my years in the House, I was an advocate for balanced budgets and low taxes,” Hastert said in a statement. “Mitt Romney stands up for these principles. President Obama has failed to get millions of unemployed Americans back to work. From his success in the private sector, Mitt Romney understands how to create jobs and turn around this economy. At this critical moment, our country needs his leadership in the White House.”

Katrina TrinkoKatrina Trinko is a political reporter for National Review. Trinko is also a member of USA TODAY’S Board of Contributors, and her work has been published in various media outlets ...


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