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Romney: Utilizing America’s Energy Resources Would Create Jobs

Rick Perry delivered a speech in Pittsburgh last week touting his energy and jobs plan. Today, Mitt Romney writes an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review touting how his jobs plan also has an energy focus:


Energy policy is now at the red-hot center of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. And with good reason.

The United States is an energy-rich country living like an energy-poor country. We purchase hundreds of billions of dollars of energy from overseas while keeping many of our own energy resources locked up in the ground. Reversing this backward dynamic is a critical pathway to creating economic growth and jobs.

In Pennsylvania and neighboring states, we are seeing the tremendous benefits that domestic energy development can confer. Tapping the Marcellus shale deposits promises not only to supply clean and inexpensive energy to our country for the next century but also to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

We could usher in similar benefits across the nation with an aggressive plan to develop all our resources.

My jobs plan, released last month, would do just that.

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