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Romney to Give Major Speech Friday

From NBC News:

In what appears to be an attempt to solidify his support among Tea Party voters, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will deliver a “major spending policy speech” on Friday evening at the Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, according to his campaign. On Thursday, Romney will preview his spending policy in Exeter, NH, the campaign confirms.

Romney’s jobs plan was light on the details about how he planned to cut spending (he wants it to be no more than 20 percent of GDP, but for someone who could devote 59 points on job creation, was relatively vague in his plan about how and what he would cut to get spending down to that level). If he’s developed a more detailed look at how precisely he would cut spending, particularly as it relates to entitlement reform, that could help him among conservatives and the Mitch-Daniels-pining types. 

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