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TV-Watching in 2012

Leftist propaganda hits new lows in the culture wars: the seven worst moments.

For years, Hollywood has focused its attention on indoctrinating Americans into believing its politics. From All in the Family (conservatives are bigots) to The Simpsons (the nuclear family is completely dysfunctional), TV has pushed Americans further and further to the left, without them even being aware of the push.

This past year continued the trend. Here are the worst seven TV political moments of a propaganda-rich 2012:

7. HBO’s Game Change slimes Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is crazy. Sarah Palin is stupid. Sarah Palin hates Alaska and is a terrible mother. Every wildly leftist meme about Sarah Palin came to life in HBO’s hit job Game Change, which was chock-full of factual errors and fictionalized nastiness. And, yes, it got nominated for a Golden Globe. Welcome to Hollywood.

6. Game of Thrones cuts off W.’s head. Hollywood despises George W. Bush. But that hatred was especially blatant in one episode of Game of Thrones that aired a shot of Bush’s cut-off head stuck on a pike on the wall of the castle in King’s Landing. In a lame attempt at damage control, the show’s creators claimed that the head had been rented and recycled from an older show, saying, “We just had to use whatever head we had around.” Game of Thrones should make this list for another reason: its frequent use of so-called sexposition, which juxtaposes graphic sex with narrative, weakly justifying pornography by having somebody talk during the sex scene. But displaying the severed head of Bush 43 was its worst moment.

5. Clint Eastwood talks to a chair. We all love Clint Eastwood. But while his unforgettable turn at the Republican National Convention started a meme that took over the Internet, it overshadowed Mitt Romney. That wasn’t Eastwood’s fault. It was Romney’s. Romney never could get his feet on the ground with regard to the culture — his best cultural reference was name-dropping Big Bird. Republicans simply aren’t in the same ballpark as Democrats when it comes to using the medium of TV for propaganda.

4. Glee visits the White House. The worst show of its generation, a mash-up of radical left, anti-religious values and High School Musical aesthetics, Glee has used its bubbly pop persona to cram down its shockingly perverse morality. And in October — and throughout the campaign — President Obama did fundraisers with the cast and crew. This sort of thing wasn’t unusual for Obama: One of his other TV friends is MTV host Dan Savage, initiator of the It Gets Better Project; Savage spends his time writing about anal sex and bullying Christian kids who don’t want to hear him spew nonsense about the Bible.

3. Obama hangs with Jimmy Fallon. Comedians have hidden their obvious worship of President Obama behind the curtain of their comedy for years. When Jon Stewart licks President Obama’s boots, he says he does so as a comedian; when he attacks Sarah Palin, he suddenly becomes a journalist. This is the game the Hollywood Left likes to play. But never was that game more obviously unmasked than when President Obama stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to do a “slow jam” — a dreadfully unfunny segment in which Obama read a campaign speech while Fallon repeated it in a mock Barry White voice. Vomitricious.

2. Lena Dunham wants you to have sex with Barack Obama. It was the worst political ad of a year of horrible political advertising. Lena Dunham, writer and star of HBO’s egregiously overrated Girls, cut an ad that compared voting for Barack Obama for the first time to losing your virginity to him. Dunham, who has her mind on her genitals a solid 73 percent of the time (the other 27 percent of the time, she’s sleeping), shocked much of the country with her ad. Unfortunately, the Right laughed at it rather than taking it seriously. The dumbing down of feminism worked: Obama cleaned up with single women at the ballot box. That wasn’t so much due to Dunham’s ad as it was to the decades of crap that preceded it; shows such as Sex in the City proudly informed women that “free” birth-control pills and no-strings sex are the essence of American self-government.

1. Joe Biden spills the beans. Shortly after Joe Biden and Barack Obama underwent a sudden “evolution” on gay marriage, Biden appeared on Meet the Press and spilled the beans about Hollywood’s propaganda machine and its effect on American culture:

When things really began to change is when the social culture changes. I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anybody’s ever done so far. People fear that which is different. Now they’re beginning to understand.

When another vice president, Dan Quayle, said the same thing about Murphy Brown — that it was changing the cultural norms — the media ripped him as a loon. So did the cast of Murphy Brown. That’s because Quayle was a Republican. But because Biden is a left-winger, Hollywood is all too happy to give him the nod when he cheers the efforts of those who are pushing Americans away from the traditional father-mother family.

— Benjamin Shapiro is editor-at-large at Breitbart News.

Mr. Shapiro is the host of the podcast The Ben Shapiro Show, the editor emeritus of The Daily Wire, and the author of How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps and The Right Side of History.


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